In March 2010, President Obama established a reform. The name of this reform was the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This reform includes all the rules and regulations regarding healthcare policies. This law also contains the extended health and safety insurance coverage of millions of Americans. 

But now, healthcare fraud is on the rise and has become a way to earn money. Gregory Pimstone has shared his thoughts on the system. According to the National Money Laundering Risk Assessment, it was visible that many people are earning through the health care profession. The health care workers earned about $100B worth of money. 

Gregory Pimstone says that whenever a patient is ill or injured, he should rush to the E.R. Here, the doctors and the healthcare providers need to give the patient the proper healthcare assistance. And after the patient is stable, the doctors need to be paid for their services. But the issue arises when there is an argument on the payment and the proper pricing of the services. Here, the government needs to make proper laws and proper plans for this situation. 

But this is why the whole situation is complex and messed up. The government does not have any rules or regulations for this issue. There are no formulas or setups made to determine the reasonable pricing for the service that the healthcare providers render. Now the court is starting to take action, but they need some evidence. According to them, they need a good case and circumstance to figure out the issue. According to the government, the market value is different for all the hospitals and all the cases. 

In other words, the government states that all the cases and situations differ from one another. They also state each hospital provides different medical services. Therefore, it is only fair that the reasonable prices also differ. The E.R. can charge their patients according to the injury or the case that they are dealing with. 

In the end, Gregory Pimstone states that the government needs to step up its game and make some proper laws and regulations. They need to make a definite and proper plan to address the pricing of the E.R services.