If you like gardening, you will know how hectic spring is. The vegetable garden needs turning over, the perennials need fertilizing, and more. Winter is over, so we have to start looking after our lawn! This is also why, when a company like Trugreen reviews the most important lawn care tips, we have a tendency to listen!

Trugreen Reviews Lawn Care Tips

  • Mowing

Most reviews will look specifically at how to mow and how often to mow. These are all important issues, but the first thing you should actually be looking at is whether or not your mower is ready! Lawns have a tendency to not appreciate dull blades, which tear the grass and make it go brown. Check your blades, therefore, but do also make sure that the moving parts are lubricated, that you have the right fuel, and that your spark plugs are clean.

According to True Green, the first time you need to mow each year is when you start to see new growth. Exactly when this is depends on the type of grass you have. Some grasses, like bluegrasses, often seem to grow several inches overnight, so you may feel caught by surprise. In terms of what to do with the clippings, that all depends on how often you mow. If you sign up with a weekly lawn care service, for instance, you will find that the clippings are left in place to provide nourishment for your lawn.

  • Avoid crabgrass

Almost every new customer with True Green complains that, when looking after their lawn by themselves, crabgrass starts to appear. This is due to the fact that, if you see crabgrass, it has already taken hold. It is for this reason that TruGreen will usually treat the area in spring, using pre-emergent herbicides, thereby stopping the crabgrass from taking hold at all. As a professional company, they always ensure they review the latest herbicides out there, focusing on those that cause the least environmental damage. They also comment on and reply to reviews if they find this review helpful, thereby ensuring others also know which products to use.

  • Feeding the lawn

Last but not least, it is important to make sure a lawn is properly nourished and fed. This starts by watering it regularly and enough. It is better to properly soak a lawn with around an inch of water once a week, than to feed it a tiny bit every day. The root system of a lawn lies between four and six inches deep, and the water needs to be able to reach that. It also needs NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium. This should be provided through a good quality fertilizer, which you should apply in early spring (after aeration) and again in early fall.

With these lawn care tips, you should be able to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year long, but particularly during the summer, when everybody wants to spend time outside and make sure their grass is greener than that on the other side.