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  1. Bowling for Columbine

  2. Hard Candy

    by David Slade
  3. A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present (Perennial Classics)

    by Howard Zinn
  4. Ciao, America!: An Italian Discovers the U.S.

    by Beppe Severgnini
  5. The Queen of Versailles

    by Lauren Greenfield
  6. Louis and the Nazis

    by Stuart Cabb & Louis Theroux
  7. Thoughtcrimes [Region 2]

    by Breck Eisner
  8. ?

    Cheap long distance companies Montreal, Philippines, 1010 long distance plan

  9. Central Square

    by George Packer
  10. Blue Valentine (2010)

    by Derek Cianfrance
  11. ?

    In the Eyes of Ioidanach

    by Absu
  12. Human Capital

    by Stephen Amidon
  13. The Weather Underground

    by Sam Green
  14. After You with the Pistol

    by Kyril Bonfiglioli
  15. Burn Notice: Season Two

  16. Public Enemies (Single-Disc Edition)

  17. Wilderness Survival for Girls

    by Eli B. Despres
  18. The Violence of Green Revolution: Third World Agriculture, Ecology and Politics

    by Vandana Shiva
  19. 5000 Spirits Or the Layers of the Onion

    by Incredible String Band
  20. Rasrisk : rasister, separatister och amerikanska kulturkonflikter

    by Mattias Gardell

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