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Why I recommend "Ain't No Sunshine" — 30 weeks ago


I’ve sat and tried to figure out my feelings towards this book. I’ve flopped between a 4 and a 5 star rating and decided on 5 because of all the emotions it instilled in me. I was certainly involved with the characters and their family. I hated the father, loved the older brother,Matthew, and neighbor girl, Ruthie, and was very involved with Stephen. With the story line being centered around abusive home life, I had so many ups and downs and was certainly wanting to change things for everyone. At times I hated the book and didn’t want to read it because of the abuse, but still NEEDED to because I wanted to know how everything turned out in the end. This was truly a love-hate relationship for me. I’m still stunned by the ending and all the twists that happened before. What a ride!

Why I recommend "Resuscitation" — 44 weeks ago


“Resuscitation” is a great “keep you on the edge of your seat” thriller that will make you second guess the need to visit your doctor.

This is the second book of the Sami Rizzo series and it is strongly recommended to read the first book “They Never Die Quietly”. Picking up two years later, this book jumps right in. There are many references to what happened in the first story and one needs to know what happened to appreciate Sami’s situation.

One of my favorites! — 2 years ago


Everyone remembers Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. It was a tale of horror and everyone knew that vampires were the “bad guys”. But were they? Karen Essex takes Stoker’s tale and gives it a twist. Following the same timeline, using the same characters and written in much of the same format “Dracula in Love” gives a total different view.

In the Prologue of the book, Mina Murray Harker states:

“Unlike most people whose lives remain private, my story has been written by another, sold for money and offered to the public for entertainment. The author of the fiction claims to be above reproach because his records are “exactly contemporary”. But these “records” are falsified documents, based on the the lies of a cabal of murderers desperate to conceal their dark deeds."

She then continues on with the “real” story. The story of her life, her engagement, Lucy, the doctors, and of course, The Count. This story is a tale of erotic obsession and a romantic love that goes deep – centuries deep. It is also a tale of horror and sadness and a realization that all is not as it seems.

I adored the original “Dracula” and really was wondering how Ms. Essex was going to pull this one off. Ah, she did an impeccable job making me wonder and feel that her story was really the truth and the other was just a fabricated lie to make money. Oh, yes. Mina’s story was powerful and captivating.

I took my time reading this novel. It screamed that it needed to be savored, and savor it I did. This book will be one that will stick with me for a while. Being a Dracula fan (it’s one of my favorites) this novel shook and twisted my views of many of the characters. It now feels like it belongs with the original story – like the flip side of the coin.

If you haven’t read Stoker’s “Dracula”, don’t worry. You won’t feel you are missing a thing, but you will most likely want to read it after you’ve finished “Dracula in Love” because you’ll need to know what is in the original story. If you have read and enjoyed Stoker’s Dracula, you will want to read this version!

This is one of my favorite reads this year! Highly recommended.

Parental warning: Contains some descriptive sexual content.

WOW!!! — 2 years ago

“How Huge the Night” fits well in this category of living history. It is beautifully written and is filled with facts and events that come alive through the eyes of children. To hear how France was taken over by Germany from an adult’s point of view is usually what one hears about, but the Munn’s take it to another level by seeing it as the children did.

To say this book is amazing, is an understatement. It tore at my heart, and I found myself in tears more than once. From a parent’s point of view, it broke my heart knowing that the children dealt with the horrors they did, but putting names and faces to those horrors makes this book unforgettable. This book is profound and should be in the hands of EVERY teen. This story brings to light not only the horrors of war, but the pain of being different and not accepted and how people can change things and make a difference.

I could continue on and on how fantastic this book is, but won’t for fear of writing a spoiler or two. My advice? Quit reading this review and run to the bookstore and get a copy of this book! You won’t be same after reading it.

A HUGE thank you to Kregel Publishers for sending me a review copy of this book. In return, they have asked me to post my honest opinion and thoughts about it.

Powerful and Complex — 3 years ago


A powerful and complex novel that somewhat disappointed me with the ending. I wanted to know more, what happened to all the characters, but instead followed only one to the end. The prose was beautiful, however, sometimes harsh with the “F-word” being used by both the men and woman and feeling very out of place. Yes, it was a harsh world and harsh times, so maybe the harsh word really did fit.

A review of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" — 3 years ago


I enjoyed this book, but am very surprised it made the “1001 Books to Read..” list. I didn’t find it all that impressive and pretty much just another quirky sci-fi book. I did enjoy the humor and found myself chuckling from time to time. I am planning on continuing the series in the future as it does have promise.


Kept Me On The Edge Of My Seat!! — 3 years ago


One of the best Stephen King books I’ve read so far. It kept me fully engrossed in the story and greatly held my interest. The ending – WOW! It came as a surprise and I don’t know if I was disappointed or not, but was thrilling, none the less.

If you are a “Hunger Games” fan or love dystopia, you’ll certainly enjoy this book!

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