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A story about "Man and Wife: A Novel" — 10 years ago

More of the same…

A story about "The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz" — 10 years ago

Very atmospheric. Beautiful writing.

A story about "Riddley Walker, Expanded Edition" — 10 years ago


A true classic. Written in a strange dialect that will stay with you years after reading.

A story about "War and Peace (Penguin Classics)" — 10 years ago

Liked it a lot on holiday in Portugal, never got the energy up to finish it when I returned

A story about "The Art of War" — 10 years ago

Really excellent. More philosophy than war.

A story about "The Lovely Bones" — 10 years ago

Very moving.

A story about "The Star Fraction" — 10 years ago

not enough SF, too much politics. Would like to try again someday though.

A story about "American Gods" — 10 years ago


The sticker on the front said “As Good As King or your money back”. Stephen King has written some quite poor books recently, so perhaps they’re right.

A story about "The Reality Dysfunction: Emergence - Part I" — 10 years ago

Interesting, but I’m stuck in a rut at the moment.

Update – Now on page 820 after switching to commuting by train.

Update – really good, now over page 1000 and enjoying it a lot.

Now finished, but it’s a cliffhanger ending, so I’ve got to read the next one now!

A story about "Brothers" — 10 years ago

Supposed sequel to Marathon Man. It’s a bit odd really, not sure if I like it.

Finished now, and thought there was some of the great Goldman writing, the plot was too ludicrous.

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