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A story about "Kafka on the Shore" — 6 years ago


I’m still in the middle of this, but I’m really enjoying the style in which it’s written and its dreamy quality. For some reason I keep picturing it as a movie (This is a little odd to me, because I rarely watch T.V. and few movies)…

“…I think where a person is born and dies is very important. You can’t choose where you’re born, but where you die you can— to some degree.” (Pg. 291)

“…A world full of geniuses would have significant problems.” (Pg.327)

Hoshini is becoming one of my favorite characters, though I didn’t really care for him at first. A truck driver who gets into Beethoven and learns to let go and go where life (and Nakata) decide to take him.

Why it's taking me forever to finish consuming "Moby-Dick or, The Whale (Penguin Classics)" — 6 years ago


It finally seems to be picking up a bit… more than 450 pages into the book. It’s like reading an encyclopedia… a whaling encyclopedia. Reading it is also like trying to cut a big, thick peice of cheese with a dull butter knife.

A story about "Mason & Dixon: A Novel" — 6 years ago


It took me a while to get into this… but by the time I got through the first couple hundred pages, I started to really enjoy this book. The frenchman’s Duck was a favorite part of mine.

A story about "Lord Jim" — 7 years ago


I found the first half really hard to get through, but after that it seemed more interesting and I flew through the second half. Jim’s adventures in Patusan just made for more interesting reading.

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