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A review of "Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found" — 7 years ago

A lot of people raved about this book for more than year before I finally borrowed a copy to read. The premise seemed interesting and I thought it would be a good read about the city that is Mumbai.

Not so. While Suketu Mehta does a fairly good job of capturing the underbelly of Mumbai, he does precious little else. Even in the chapters on food, he finds it necessary to talk about the underworld dons, his friends in the police, etc.

I wouldn’t have complained much since it would still make interesting reading, but his habit of writing completely out of sequence and not really bothering to inform you about it got on my nerves. I got the feeling that he wrote this book as he experienced it and didn’t spend too much time editing it before publication.

So that’s my gripe. I like the subject matter. I like the detail. I hate the writing style. And hence I think this book is worth only 3 stars, no matter that the herd keep raving about it! ;)

Why I recommend "Eurekas and Euphorias: The Oxford Book of Scientific Anecdotes" — 7 years ago


It doesn’t matter if you’re not really interested in science or history, if you like good stories, this book is chock-full of them. It just so happens they’re all about science or scientists!

From the story about how Benjamin Franklin took the wind out of the sails of a pompous European scientist-statesman to how some scientists had to resort to smuggling(!) to get equipment into their country, this book is filled with stories that will entertain, and if you’re not careful, educate you!

A story about "Proposition Player" — 8 years ago


Bill Willingham is among the best writer in comics today. This mini-series follows the fortunes of a casino employee after he purchases the “souls” of his colleagues for a beer each. Very soon, he has angels, demons and sundry gods of old trying to win him over to their side.

Makes for hilarious and interesting reading, peppered like other Willingham comics with references to mythology, fables and the like.

A story about "Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters" — 9 years ago

Brilliantly written, easy to read book on biology, genes and science.

A story about "Monstrous Regiment: A Novel of Discworld" — 9 years ago

Most Pratchett fans will have noticed that his Discworld books are not the same anymore. This does not mean they’re bad. Just different. I still do enjoy reading them. Monstrous Regiment is not as laugh-out-loud funny as some other Discworld books but is nevertheless entertaining, bringing in a whole new group of characters, people and lands.

A story about "A Devil's Chaplain : Reflections on Hope, Lies, Science, and Love" — 9 years ago

If you have any interest in Biology or Evolution, Dawkins’ books are great for insight. This book though, is a collection of shorter essays, book introductions, newspaper columns etc collected together. Some are good to read, some are just ok. But I don’t think you’d find any there a waste of your time.

A story about "A Short History of Nearly Everything" — 9 years ago

Great book about science and the world. Filled with little nuggets of information ranging from arcane bits of science to lesser known facts about the personalities involved.

All written breezily and engagingly by Bill Bryson, better known for his travelogues. Consider this a travelogue on science and enjoy the ride!

A story about "The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time" — 9 years ago

A book I’ve been waiting to read for ages!

Any biologist or someone interested in biology and evolution should read this book for a brilliantly written tale of a modern day study of Darwin’s Finches on Galapagos.

A story about "Flatterland: Like Flatland, Only More So" — 8 years ago


It so did not suck! :)

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