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What could be better than a rhyme about PBR-staches? — 7 years ago


Cecil Otter opened for P.O.S on the Audition tour, which was great. His engaging crowd conversation suddenly evolved into series of witty and thought provoking rhymes about government, relationships, and my personal favourite, PBR.

Any friend of doomtree will enjoy this fresh album.

How "Audition" changed my life — 7 years ago


The Audition tour was magnificent, P.O.S was the best hip-hop show I have ever been to.

P.O.S. founded Building Better Bombs who was an opener for Minus the Bear. This guy defies genre boundaries, and he looks like a teddy-bear (with a mohawk or dreadlocks).

A story about "Black Magic" — 7 years ago


These cats are quite brilliant in concert.

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