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A story about "Harriet Craig (1950)" — 6 years ago


Like very much. Scary only because I know (knew) a number of people like this. The lies will catch up with you!

A story about "The Big Cube" — 6 years ago


I wish they had focused on the Queen Bee character more. She was in it for 20 seconds but she was more interesting than any of the other characters!

A review of "Black Sheep" — 6 years ago

Was kinda bored by this and it’s a horror/comedy! Not enough horror and the comedy just wasn’t that funny.

A story about "The Betsy (Snap Case)" — 6 years ago


I don’t know how you can make a Harold Robbins novel boring but this movie did it.

A story about "An American Haunting (Unrated Edition)" — 6 years ago

The carriage crash was spectacular and a few make you jump scenes were all right. But the wrap around story and ending were very disappointing.

A story about "The Purifiers" — 6 years ago

Hey! Isn’t this The Warriors? But only with Scottish accents and some kung-fu? Very silly.

A story about "Mahogany" — 6 years ago

The theme song is a classic but it never leaves your head. Watcher beware. . .

A story about "The Lion In Winter (1968 Film)" — 6 years ago


not a fan of the movie but the music is great

Why I recommend "The Beales of Grey Gardens (The Criterion Collection)" — 6 years ago


“I went to Mass up until the time I was 28 years old!”

“That’s how she got so fat, not getting up on Sunday to go to Mass.”

“Oh! What a whopper!”

“It keeps you very thin!”

“I’m not going to church to keep thin! I’m going to go because I love the Lord!”

Pretty good — 7 years ago


I liked until the cornball ending. But that’s history!

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