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A story about "Water for Elephants: A Novel" — 6 years ago


I couldn’t put it down. What a fantastic read!

Why I recommend "Powershot S3 IS" — 6 years ago


Worth it, worth it, worth it! I’ll be ‘consuming’ this for a long time yet, no doubt. This is a fantastic camera. I’m partial to macros and landscapes myself, but if you go to Flickr and look up the camera, you’ll see hundreds of different types of shots that people get with this baby.

Well worth every cent. I’m loving it.

A review of "Frangelico" — 7 years ago


Yum yum!! It’s good over ice-cream too.

A story about "The Top 100 Immunity Boosters: 100 Recipes to Keep Your Immune System Fighting Fit (The Top 100 Recipes Series)" — 7 years ago


Yet another book in my Christmas gift pile! I’m finding this one really helpful with my food choices lately.

A story about "Geldof in Africa" — 7 years ago

Another item in my Christmas gift pile. I’m planning on starting this one on the plane ride to Jo’burg.

A story about "A Box of Bunny Suicides" — 7 years ago


This was one of the items in my Christmas gift pile. My Mom obviously has my sense of humor pegged.

If you’re a fan of ‘The Far Side’, you’ll probably enjoy this.


Why I want to consume "Wake the F*** Up Coffee" — 7 years ago

Cinephile, this is TOO funny!

It’s got some great reviews

I’ve gotta try it!


A question I have about "Cabernet Sauvignon" — 7 years ago

I’ve looked at this quite often, but never picked it up.

Let us know what you think after you’ve tried it, Cinephile. I’d be interested to see what you have to say.

A story about "Skinny Cow low fat ice cream sandwiches" — 7 years ago


This is the yummiest low fat ice cream I’ve ever tasted! Even my hubby, who runs screaming in the other direction if he hears something is ‘low fat’ (in his mind, that translates that it’s either green or tastes nasty) LOVES them!

They’re 140 calories each, (so there’s no ‘guesstimating’ portion size if you count calories – you know exactly what you’re taking in) and no trans fats.

A story about "Stoned" — 7 years ago


I would tend to agree with the review on the Amazon website.

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