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A story about "Many lives, many masters ;: Messages from the masters" — 3 years ago


I understand why some would say not to focus on past lives, but to focus on this life… but, as shown by examples in the various books about this subject, if a regression works, it can help you to have a much more fulfilling time of it in this life.

Why it's taking me forever to finish consuming "The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart" — 3 years ago

I’ve had this book for about ten years or so, started working through it, and don’t remember why I stopped (not that far in either: around the time when she has readers listing things for every five years of their lives…).

I just felt the urge to pull it off the beautiful book shelf that my Dad made for me last year, so we’ll see how far I get this time. (The first quote I read in the book is “Wherever you are is the entry point!” by Kabir.)

A story about "Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Circuit DVD" — 3 years ago


Tough workout… one I need to do again. Warning: it has a lot of push-up work in the second half, from what I remember (I only remember groaning when she said that yet another set was coming up).

A story about "Emotional Alchemy: How the Mind Can Heal the Heart" — 3 years ago

I could have sworn I’ve had this for eleven years, but it’s been nine. :)

The part that stuck with me, was the section about the brain, and how new pathways/grooves are created in the brain, as you change your thoughts and behaviours/habits.

Why it's taking me forever to finish consuming "The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse" — 3 years ago


It’s taking me forever to finish this book, for the same reason that it’s taking me too long to finish other books: too many distractions, sometimes depressing ones.

I received her deck of cards and book set – The Way of the Horse – for my birthday. I’d originally added the set to my wish list in January of last year, just weeks before losing Spot, and found it in the bookstore for $30, in the horse section, unfortunately after having picked something out for my mother and to share. After receiving the set, I looked up her other books, and ordered this in from the library. It’s one of those that I keep wanting to quote to people, for different reasons, although some are more interested than others. ;) I might post a couple more small sections later on, if this cold doesn’t wear me down; I bent the corner of a couple of pages, so that I could go back to them, but forgot to do so with another part that interested me. Once I finish, I’m going to have to re-read it… I just find it fascinating and comforting.

Interestingly, late in 2008, I started to feel the urge to go horse-riding again, for the first time in years. I still haven’t gone, but horses kept showing up in my life after that, in various ways.

A story about "Enslaved by Ducks" — 3 years ago

I am really enjoying this book, and I love the name of his weekly pet podcast: “What Were You Thinking?” :D

A story about "Shadowscapes Tarot" — 3 years ago


This is a beautiful deck – you can see scans here:

The Six of Cups is one my favourites, so far. :)

Why I want to consume "Jitterbug Perfume" — 4 years ago

I finally remembered to order this from the library ~ I’ve had it on a list as a book to read “some day,” after reading flowergirl’s entry on it, elsewhere (two years ago). It just arrived from the library… I have to finish a few books before I can read it, though. :)

A story about "New York, I Love You" — 4 years ago

Julie Christie was a stand-out for me; she’s just luminous.

The scene with Robin Wright Penn, was a nice surprise. I rolled my eyes at the beginning – outside the building, when she was smoking with a man.

A story about "Strangers" — 4 years ago


An old favourite ~ tied for first place with Watchers, as my favourite book by Dean Koontz. :)

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