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A review of "White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter" — 5 years ago

It really doesn’t taste like white chocolate at all. The flavor in this one is really weak, compared the dark chocolate dreams. Also, my peanut butter was completely hardened when I bought it, so I don’t know if I just bought a bad bottle or what… but I didn’t like this. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t live up to the name. Just tastes like regular sweetened peanut butter.


A review of "Rice Dream Rice Nog" — 5 years ago

For a dairy/lactose/soy/gluten/cholesterol-free alternative to egg nog, this is pretty darn good. It doesn’t really taste like it though. It has more of a cinnamony, almost apple cider taste to it, and lacks have that thick, creamy consistency that egg nog has.


A review of "Berry Topper" — 5 years ago

I was not impressed by this. I could have made my own for way cheaper than this cost. It’s just a banana-blueberry-strawberry smoothie with and I recognized the granola on top Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax granola. That’s not to say it’s not good, but not worth it.

A review of "World Market Bruschetta Veggie Chips" — 5 years ago


These are okay, not very flavorful but they are a healthier option when you want chips. They’re light, crispy and airy, (sort of like what I imagine Popchips to be like) with a dusting of tomato powder on them. They’re not dense and greasy like most potato chips and there’s also no saturated fat or cholesterol in these, which is great.

A review of "Raspberries in Dark Chocolate Bar" — 5 years ago

This chocolate was okay, but it didn’t knock me out or really have a ‘wow’ factor. There’s little bits of raspberries, but I barely tasted them and they added practically nothing to the chocolate. Overall it was a quite mediocre dark chocolate. But it gets bonus points for the cute packaging.

A review of "3400 Phinney Chocolate Factory: Chai Tea Milk Chocolate" — 5 years ago


I haven’t tried all of the Theo bars yet but I already know this one is my favorite. It’s a very smooth, sweet milk chocolate with just the right amount of spicy chai. It’s so good!

A review of "3400 Phinney Chocolate Factory: Bread and Chocolate Dark Chocolate" — 5 years ago


I was kind of skeptical about a “bread and chocolate” bar at first, but I actually really liked this. Keep in mind that it’s more savory than sweet, if you don’t like that sort of thing. It’s really dark and smoky, with actual breadcrumbs in it and a hint of butter flavor. My only complaint is that the breadcrumbs are kind of rough on the tongue. But overall it’s a good, interesting chocolate.

A review of "Amy's Shepherd's Pie" — 5 years ago


Very filling and warming. A hearty dish, even though it’s only 160 calories and is vegan. No crust, just a creamy covering of mashed potatoes on top of vegetables in a tasty gravy sauce.

A review of "Cinnamon Roll Larabar" — 5 years ago


Tastes almost just like the Ginger Snap, except cinnamon-y and not spicy. Doesn’t taste anything like a cinnamon roll, but it’s still good.

A review of "Strawberry Crumble Luna Sunrise Bar" — 5 years ago


This was okay. Tastes like Strawberry YanYan, or pocky. It smells like it too. The icing is amazing. Doesn’t taste like real strawberries, but it’s good when you want something sweet without being too overwhelming and you can rest assured knowing it’s healthy. I wouldn’t eat this for breakfast but it’s a good snack.

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