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A story about the last time I consumed "hot & sour soup" — 8 years ago


We have a small restaurant just a few minutes from home, the “Green Lettuce” which professes to offer Chinese Food in the Indian Style

This is a very interesting fusion… with many items on the menu among my favorite foods anywhere… and this is from all the places I’ve travelled to around the world! But by far my favorite is the

The Hot and Sour soup – which is just about the best I’ve had anywhere!

I was there with my oldest son earlier this week and without comment just added the soup to the order….well you’d think I’d just given him the finest of cuisine of the world… he couldn’t stop talking about it… Hot and Sour… almost always good, sometimes great, and from the Green Lettuce… exquisite cuisine.

A story about "Yorkshire Pudding" — 8 years ago


Yorkshire pudding is cooked by pouring batter into a greased baking tin, and baking at a very high heat until it has risen.

As I am used to it (the traditional manner), it is cooked in a large tin underneath a roasting joint of meat, in order to catch the juices that drip down, and then cut appropriately (that involved big slices for me…. much more than the roast beef it was served with!)

More and more though all you see (especially in restaurants) are individual round puddings (baked in bun trays) but these are a pale imitation — with little or none of the real flavour you should expect.

Alternatively, Yorkshire pudding may also be made in the same pan as the meat, after the meat has been cooked and moved to a serving platter, which also takes advantage of the meat’s juices that are left behind.

Although some claim that the reason for the pudding was to provide “bulk” as a precourse to the more expensive meat course, I have trouble with this as an explanation… given the English propensity to overcook meat… I think the flavour of the yorkshire pudding was the only reason to have the roast beef dinner!

A story about "toad in the hole" — 8 years ago


Toad in the hole is a Traditional English recipe, originating from

Yorkshire, a county in the north of England….

Most people make their toads with sausages; some put them in raw into the batter, others give them a start by lightly grilling them, and that is the better method, for then one can be sure that they are properly cooked.

Drippings, batter and sausage… a simple mix but oh so tasty! (a once in a while treat only if you have concern for your arteries!)

Doesn't taste like chicken.... — 8 years ago


This is Chicken tikka cooked in rich creamy tomato and onion gravy flambed with Brandy

A destiny fulfilled — 8 years ago


I just returned from hearing John Wood and members of his organization describe their progress in helping to change the world.

John is Founder and CEO of Room to Read, an organization that helps children from less developed countries gain the lifelong gift of education. While at the meeting, I was able to read an advance copy of John’s new book “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s Children” (Collins: September 1, 2006)

I’ve heard John speak on many occasions… from formal presentations, to fireside chats and I found this book to be somewhat similar to sitting down to an intimate dinner conversation with the author… it is a unique story told by a very gifted storyteller, made all the more enthralling because it is told by a man of action … watch for this book this fall, it will create buzz and is a must read for anyone who doesn’t just want to believe in the power of individuals to make a difference, but wants to know that there is a real case history of just such success.

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