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Why I recommend "Ghost Story (Dresden Files, No. 13)" — 1 year ago


I just ADORE the Dresden Files, and after the shock ending of book 12 I think I’d been torturing myself waiting so long to read this – but it was worth it! Stayed up way too late last night unable to put down the last 120 pages o_O

A story about "Date Night (Extended Edition)" — 1 year ago


Usually I’d just call it wishy-washy, but given how funny both Carell and Fey can be there was really no excuse for the lacklustre mishmash that this ended up being. It’s not even internally consistent, imo.

A story about "Hot Java ballistic" — 1 year ago


If I ever happen to buy one of these again, note to self: use a sieve!! Bathing with a handful of bark/splinters under yer bum is no fun o_O

A story about "Dirk Gently (Soundtrack From The TV Series)" — 1 year ago

I adore the introduction – given a longer version for the closing track – but the electronic plink-plonking can get a little wearing, with few tracks veering from the mold. It’s also all very episodic, with one short track following another with no flow at all.

A story about "Looper (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy)" — 1 year ago


The hype is over-blown: this is NOT “this decade’s Matrix” or “this year’s Inception”. It is an enjoyable enough time-travel piece, with some good ideas and a great cast.

A story about "The Ugly Truth" — 1 year ago

The lesson about being accepted for yourself, as you are, almost balances up the assertion that I will die alone because I’m neither pretty nor skinny. Bleh.

A story about "Blousey Shampoo" — 1 year ago

Smells fab, but it’s a bit too thick to be easy to use, and I had to use oodles to get any kind of vague lather.

A story about "pumpkin spice latte" — 1 year ago

I was kind of scared of this – I do not understand pumpkin as a sweet thing – but it was absolutely fine, if a little… well, it just tasted of cinnamon, I think. At least I was brave!

A story about "Fair Trade Honey Shampoo" — 1 year ago


I’ve started avoiding the honey-scented stuff, but thank goodness I got a sample of this: it does NOT smell of honey; it smells of rich caramel and hint of turkish delight and just overall absolutely edibly NOM :D

It’s a pretty alright shampoo too, although unfortunately the scent doesn’t last through any conditioner (which I need) and I can’t think of a good one to ‘match’. Tch.

A story about "What's Your Number?" — 1 year ago


It wasn’t that great, but I laughed more than a few times, and there was strip basketball… o_O

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