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Why I recommend "Olbas oil" — 7 years ago


I go through phases of living on this stuff, practically – my sinuses are delicate creatures, it would appear, prone to blocking up just ’cos they feel like it. Where once I would reach for the sudafed (decongestant tablets), I realised that while the result is quick they also tended to have a rebound effect – in other words, the block would quite likely come back with a vengence! Also, the pills had side effects: cue the time I had my resting pulse measured at 92!!

Anyway. More natural remedies are to be smiled upon, especially when they work – and Olbas Oil does for me! Three drops on a tissue beside my bed during the night; and if I’m really stuffed up I first sit with the tissue much closer to my nose (ie resting on shoulder or chest) while I’m reading. Generally a half-hour or so will enable me to breath again, so I’m happy.

Word of warning: you can apparently use this stuff as a rub, although the teenie amount the reaches my skin through the tissue burns cold, ever so slightly. And do not get this stuff in delicate areas!! By that I mean (!) actually up your nose (sniff, but not that close!) or god forbid in your eye. I managed to have the smallest amount of second-hand contamination from picking up the tissue I was using, and when I next rubbed an itchy eye… oy!!!

A story about "Tony & Guy Funky Gum" — 7 years ago


Less is more. Truly!

Why I recommend "Philadelphia light" — 7 years ago


Versatility in a little tub! A few ideas:

  • On crackers (duh!) topped off with grapes :)
  • Stir a spoonful into risotto near the end of cooking – really does add rich creaminess
  • Spread a not-too-thin layer on a flour tortilla. Add a little grated cheddar if you really like your cheese, then pile with salad: lettuce, spring onion, cucumber. Fold the wrap and enjoy.
  • World’s quickest home-made pasta sauce: melt some philadelphia in a saucepan, adding some milk if you need to thin the sauce. Add plenty of black pepper – and of course pasta!

Why it's taking me forever to finish consuming "Rome" — 7 years ago

I confess, I got bored. It’s a good series, well-made and it is interesting, but it got to the point where I was slogging through every episode on tape. The worse thing is, I’m about a third of the way through the final episode and I have been for months! I really should just sit for the half hour or so it’ll take to finish the whole thing off.

Stepford Wives — 7 years ago


Urm… this got pretty slated. It’s not hard to see why – it’s a piece of total fluff, with very little going on bar what you know already going in to it.

Still. I was in the mood for fluff, and I enjoyed it. So nyer :P
won’t be sitting through it again, though

A story about "Loyd Grossman Korma curry sauce" — 7 years ago



Cooked some chicken and onion, then added this sauce and some cashew nuts for the last five minutes. Served with pilau rice, naan, and mange tout.

Shame it’s probably not very good for the waistline! ;)

Shakespeare Retold — 7 years ago


To be utterly honest, I prefered 10 Things I Hate About You. Yeah, the teenage-y feel good, Heath Ledger thing. That was fun. This is also fun, but… I dunno. The wonderful Shirley Henderson seems to be having a blast being the shrivelled bitch-lady from hell, gleefully pulling faces as she extends one finger and tells people to “Swivel!”. However… I dunno. It just loses the fun feel near the end, and when Kate starts on about “My lord and master” it’s just more than a little unsettling. Is it supposed to be funny? Urm… sounds serious. And seriously antiquated.

Anyway. Have finally watched all four of these BBC adaptations, and all worth a look. Even this one – as long as I can skip the last 10 minutes!

A story about "Loyd Grossman Tikka Masala curry sauce" — 7 years ago


Ooooh! Opened this and started drooling instantly – this just smells amazing – and tastes great! One of the best curry sauces I’ve tried… bring on the rest of the range!

Cooked it with chicken, red and green peppers, and onion. Served with pilau rice, sugar snap peas and a plain naan. Yummy :)

A story about "Rose & Geranium bath foam" — 7 years ago


Smells like Turkish Delight :)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend — 7 years ago


Both the silliest superhero film of the year, and also the only one to answer serious questions such as: how do you have sex with a superhero?!

It could have been much punchier and funnier, but it had its moments. Uma Thurman was fab as G-Girl (the first superhero in stockings??) but disappointed me a little, playing neurotic crazy-woman a little too annoyingly. Oh, and the other blonde girlie was a bit of a drip. Luke Wilson is… yeah.

Overall this is brain-popcorn, with the added advantage of being about an hour shorter than most other cinema offerings at the moment!

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