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A story about "My War: Killing Time in Iraq" — 4 years ago

was glad when i was done reading the book, i didn’t think i would make it through. some parts of the book i like, but sometimes it got too technical that it lost me. i like more of the personal touch he put into it, but not having a military background and not being familiar with some of the things he talked about kind of turned me off. another thing that bothered me was how he kept saying how other people kept telling him what a great writer he was, and comparing him to hunter s thompson and chuck palahniuk. makes me want to read fear and loathing and any palahniuk book and see if it’s remotely true. I can see how people would like this book tho.

Why I recommend "Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)" — 4 years ago


it’s soo bad, it’s good. I couldn’t get through the book, but I made it through the movie. The acting at times were laughable at best, especially the scene where Bella walks into class where a fan was blowing. I’m curious to see how this saga ends!

A story about "Reno 911! - Miami (Unrated Edition)" — 4 years ago


I love the tv show, but the movie wasn’t as good. Maybe I’ll watch it again in the future, give it another chance.

I agree with Kate — 4 years ago


ahhhh!!!! Was this a horror move?? Nicolas Cage’s hair gave me the creeps. This whole movie was terrible, including the acting and the story line. The love story was disturbingly unrealistic and gross.

ehh — 4 years ago

I agree with the other reviewer about liking the other two books in the trilogy better. The main character was kind of annoying to me and her dialogue was ridiculous at times. But overall i did like the story and the other characters.

A story about the last time I consumed "Guava" — 4 years ago


made a cheesecake out of guava paste. very delicious. inspired by trying the guava cheesecake at pollo tropical. here is a link to any who are interested:

not bad, but not great — 4 years ago

Personally, I liked Max Barry’s other two books better, Jennifer Government and Syrup. It took me a while to get into the book, about 100 pages in. On a positive note I did stay up until 3 am, sacrificing precious sleep time to finish reading it. I wish I could give it 3 and a half stars. The story seemed ridiculous in the beginning but it made more sense later on.


A story about "Wetlands" — 4 years ago


I am almost near the end of the book and I am feeling kind of sick to my stomach at this point. The main character is pretty appalling in her behavior and I don’t think I like her or sympathize with her very much. I wonder if the author tried to think of all the things that people found disturbing and decided to put it all in one book. I don’t know if this typical German writing, in the sense that they are more comfortable in talking about bodily fluids/functions than Americans are. Worth consuming though, maybe you will have a better time reading through this than I did.

*EDIT: Finished reading the book. I don’t feel that the ending was realistic. Glad I read it though but it has a terrible experience.

Why it's taking me forever to finish consuming "Twilight" — 4 years ago

I just can’t get that into it!! I’m going to keep trying!

Edit: I finally finished this book today. The writing was pretty bad in the beginning but it did get better. It really helped to watch the movie, got me to finish the book.

This is love? — 5 years ago


I did not like this movie at all. The acting in general was terrible. Javier Bardem’s character was really annoying to me. He just seemed like he was a stalker and although his love wrote him back in the beginning, she never gave him anything past that. It didn’t feel like it was a great love compared to Like Water for Chocolate. He was just pathetic in his walk, in his appearance. I heard the book was way better, i would probably give it a chance.

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