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Why I recommend "The Beyond" — 2 years ago

It is one of the scariest movies that you will ever see.

Why I recommend "X-Men Origins: Wolverine [Theatrical Release]" — 4 years ago


I would like to reccommend this because it kept me going throughout the movie. I was never bored. However, the story was a little wild. And also, when mentioning the major US wars in which Wolverine fought, they forgot Korea, which is sad. Got a lot of respect for the special effects crew.

A story about the last time I consumed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall [Theatrical Release]" — 6 years ago


So, yesterday I went to the movies with Rob and we watched this movie where the guy was six feet tall and had a very long “shwang.” Then, we laughed and we watched him go to Hawaii and have a really awkward time. He was drinking too much and yet he gets the girl and everything goes ok at the end. The music during the credits was weird and then I asked Rob whether he would ever get undressed like that if we broke up and he said he probably would not which we both agreed was good. Good, good, good.

Why I recommend "Shock" — 6 years ago


This is a very scary movie. I would reccommend it because it does not have a lot of gore, but it will scare the shit-pants out of you.

A question I have about "Knight Rider - Season Four" — 6 years ago

The first episode in the series brings back memories, some good and some bad. For instance, why would Devin’s double not also be a Brit? Why does he have to talk American when he is in his “evil mode?” And why does Kitt need a “turbo mode?” For pete’s sake, folks, he should have been built with a turbo mode already. Maybe Devin, (the real Devin), never really wanted Kitt to be in turbo mode, but with him gone, Bonnie can hack away at Kitt and make him a “boy toy.” Devin might have thwarted her efforts. I liked the scenes in Chicago and they were authentic, except for the subway scenes. It was definately a Hollywood subway. All in all, a good episode. Why don’t we have doubles in today’s tv shows?

Why I recommend "Ocean's Thirteen" — 6 years ago


I recommend this movie because Al Pacino is a bad guy in this movie and it is interesting because he can play good and bad characters. I also liked it because you never really knew what is going on but you like how smooth everyone acts. It also has a good soundtrack. The End.

Not much to it — 6 years ago

The plot was, just as you’d imagine, the good robots against the evil robots. And of course, how they foil the military and get all Americans on alert. But it is worth seeing if you like special effects and you like raw emotion. The ending was a little weird. And the men will like the lady in this film that always shows her lovely navel and wears tight fitting clothing all the time. They could have had the main character, Sam, show off his bod a little, but nothing gives in this movie for the ladies.

A question I have about "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Epic Series" — 6 years ago

In the episode about the space olympics, the top pole jumper had a rad shirt that went just below his man nipples. Did that style ever take off outside of the show? Were men showing off their man nipples in the early eighties?

Wierd, Simply Said — 6 years ago

I was expecting a very scary movie. It was scarry, but rediculous. I mean, the guy is like a zombie from other films. And the low part of the movie was the part when he gets up again and again. He is never dead. Come on. Come up with a better premise than that. So he never dies. Then we can never be afraid of him because he is always going to be unreal. Unlike a real stalker, that dies. Unlike others, I hate the fact that he is never dead. Dumb.

Why I want to consume "Orphen 2 - Revenge Collection" — 6 years ago

I enjoy anime a lot and since I can rent movies for free at the library, I am doing it all of the time. I like the girls the best because they are funny.

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