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Oprah? — 6 years ago


Great book. I don’t understand why it’s on Oprah’s list, since it’s not depressing and about a woman being abused.

Not great, but good — 6 years ago


Jillian is new to New York, her mom just married some rich guy with two kids, and she doesn’t like her new stepsister. (The stepbrother is mentioned once and then never again.) But through a cat-sitting job in an old lady’s penthouse, she discovers the location of a kidnapped boy, and she has to get help to rescue him.

The story is compelling and written well, not lagging a bit, but I didn’t like how the kids decided they had to rescue the victim themselves. It’s very unlikely.

Yeah, — 7 years ago


it could have been shorter. However, I did enjoy how the author applied the lessons to various “epidemics”, and then took the study a step further, and asked how to use that information to solve problems.

The most poignant for me, considering current events at Virginia tech, was the afterword, which includes the teenage “epidemic” of school violence, which apparently stemmed from the Columbine shootings. It gives me a new perspective, and the outlook isn’t good.

Eh. — 7 years ago

The story was nothing special, and the writing was at times saturated with saccharin imagery that I had to skim over. It seemed to be trying too hard to be poetic, and failing miserably. The themes of the novel (the importance of family, self-esteem, and setting goals) were clear but not overstated.

A review of "Surviving the Applewhites" — 7 years ago


I’m terribly disappointed in the portrayal of the unschooling experience. The whole family is artists who consider creativity an excuse for being distracted and irresponsible. I wouldn’t want these people rearing children, and I don’t find them interesting or endearing.

Excellent — 7 years ago


This biography was written mostly in response to the mysogynistic treatment of Franklin by Watson in his book, “The Double Helix.” In it, she was portrayed as stubborn, stupid, and unwilling to collaborate. However, as this biography reveals, she was rather a joyful woman, a generous friend, and a brilliant scientist.

This book includes details of her scientific endeavors, but is accessible to the casual reader.

A story about "Hattie Big Sky" — 7 years ago


I loved the story. Hattie is an orphan who suddenly inherits a claim in Montana. She has less than a year to “prove up” on it, which means farming 40 acres and building a fence around it (big fence). It’s tough, but she gets help from her neighbors and friends along the way.

A secondary story revolves around the prejudices against German immigrants during the first world war. The crimes enacted are reminiscent of KKK events in their severity. Hattie struggles with the issue and easily sides with the peaceful immigrants.

Why I recommend "The Wanderer (rack)" — 7 years ago


This story made me cry.

Nice little story. — 7 years ago


It’s written well, I think. There’s lots of imagery, symbolism, and a touch of poetic language. It’s a good story and it seems like it would definitely be accessible to kids, because of the first person narrative style. It’s also a story about a little girl who finds herself.

Women in science — 7 years ago


A scientifically-inclined girl moves to a secret army base in New Mexico, where her father is working on the Manhattan Project. She has little interest in making friends, preferring to make electronic gizmos instead, but soon inspires another outcast and makes friends.

I like the elements of this book. The author often blatantly points out that it’s unusual for a girl to like electronics, and for a woman to be a scientist, but she also pointedly makes these characters likable and real. There’s no sympathizing with the girly girls who tease the not so girly girls. I like women as scientists and I like the story of a kid who doesn’t fit in with the popular kids. I like the treatment of the Manhattan Project.

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