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Yeah, depressing — 8 years ago


Let’s cut up little girls with deadly diseases, stick cybernetic parts in them, fuck with their heads, and then make them fight terrorists.

What the hell man? State sponsored child abuse isn’t cool.

For that matter, they never actually explained why they were ONLY using deathly ill girls.

I dunno, I mean, it was pretty good and all, but it’s a brain fuck.

Completely Unbelievable — 8 years ago


Just, just shut your mind off. Put it in a box, then bury the box in a crevase in the Marianas Trench.

Good god its so full of dumb action scenes that it’s brilliant. The movie never, ever takes itself seriously and Statham is in on the joke the whole way through.

The best part is how he disarms the bomb on his car. We had to rewind it a couple of times because we just couldn’t believe that they’d actually done that.

A story about "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" — 8 years ago


This is a really great album. The GO! Team’s found everything sugar coated and managed to cram it into a soundwave.

There’s cheersquads shouting off, jump ropers doing their routines, blaring horns, rollicking guitars, and TWO drummers.

I… I just can’t describe it, it NEEDS to be listened to.

A story about "Steamboy/Memories" — 8 years ago


Great box set. Steamboy is a terrific adventure flick and Memories has three memorable, if uneven, stories.

Definitley watch Gravity Rose if you get a chance. Really awesome sci-fi short.

A story about "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity" — 8 years ago


I just finished reading the book and I think I’m ready to get the system up and running, I hesitated on going ahead and putting everything in order because I’m moving back to college next week, but I know how I’m going to get it all working once I get there.

A story about "Kung Fu Hustle (Widescreen Edition)" — 8 years ago


Kung Fu Hustle is ultimately a good movie.

Note, it’s not really what I wanted it to be really. The action scenes were a lot more intense than I expected and the film had a lot less slapstick than I was hoping for, and also, and this may just be the English dubbing I watched it in on my first time through, I think the timing of the jokes was a little off. Even the sight gags seemed a little laggy.

On the other hand, the more I think about it, the more I realized that if the movie is flawed, it has nothing to do with its subject matter, story, or plot.

It’s worth a rental at the very least and is definitley worth a purchase if Kung-Fu movies are your thing.

A story about "The Ruby Way" — 8 years ago


The way you should read “The Ruby Way” is, you’re thinking of doing a new project, writing a new feature, or hammering out a tricky bit of code and then you think to yourself, “Hmmm, wonder if I can make this easier on myself?” That’s when you pick up The Ruby Way, browse the sections of the book for a few minutes, find the section closest to what your needs are, and absorb the knowledge Hal has laid out.

A story about "Push the Button" — 8 years ago

This is a decent album by the Brothers with a weak middle bookended by some pretty decent tracks.

In truth, the remixers highlighted at pushed the whole set of sounds in the album way above and beyond where they were (except for the first two tracks, Galvanize and The Boxer, The Brothers did those two a whole lot better).

I think I was sort of hoping for another “Come With Us”, oh well.

A story about "The Best Software Writing I: Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky" — 8 years ago


Well, I thought it was worth it. I know that all (or almost all anyhow) of the essays are available online for free, but I find it so much incredibly easier to read things when they’re in a book for some reason.

Plus, now I can loan it out to friends.

A story about "The Best Software Writing I: Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky" — 8 years ago


So far it’s worth it just because I now have a physical copy of whytheluckystiff’s foxes screaming about Chunky Bacon.

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