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A story about "Kick-Ass" — 1 year ago


You might think this is funny, but I finished this entire graphic novel in a bookstore. I didn’t even get to buy it. I just read the enitre thing.

Why I recommend "Jeff, Who Lives at Home (+UltraViolet)" — 2 years ago


(I normally don’t write reviews of movies on all-consuming, but for this movie I feel it is a special case)

The 2012 movie Jeff Who Lives At Home resonated with me. The movie is about life and finding the signs that connect you to a good future. This movie has touched and inspired me to see everything in life is connected in some way and finding those connections leads to a positive outcome.

This movie has incredible acting. The plot is a standout.

I reccomend this movie to anyone who wants to find a movie with a deep meaning true to there lives and want a movie with an amazing plot and acting.

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