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A story about this — 5 years ago


The concord grapes growing outside my building are ripe now. There are a ton of them this year, which is nice because otherwise it would be hard to leave them on the vine to sweeten up in the frost.

A story about this — 6 years ago


While I am strictly a green grape kind of girl, my boyfriend brought home from the market some champagne grapes, which look like very very tiny purple grapes. At first I was like," Um, hello, they’re purple." But they’re small, so I figured, heck, I’ll try one. Such wonderfully sweet and tart flavor! So next time you’re wandering around the fruit section, keep a look out for these guys, you won’t regret it!

~P.S. When we last visited the market, I told the shopkeeper how much we loved them, and he told us they are also known as black corinth or Zante currant, as a fun fact.

A story about the last time I consumed this — 7 years ago


Of course, I have eaten grapes many times before. But just now I had the most delicious seedless red grapes I’ve ever eaten. They were smaller than usual, but very firm and sweet. They were so good that I just had to record this date for posterity, as the day I ate the most delicious grapes ever.

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