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Kenny Vs. Spenny - Season One
by Kenny Hotz
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A story about the last time I consumed this — 3 years ago


Last time I watched this show, I hated it. Now I’m sticking my foot in my mouth because it took me a very long while to get used to it.

There have been many instances where I have rewound and re-watched parts because I can’t stop laughing. Some parts are so frustratingly funny I have to hit things. Seriously.

Not sure why I like it now, maybe it is mostly because at first I was watching it against my will, but after recently watching some later seasons, I have borrowed sinisterchicken’s collection and am on a K vs. S binge.

A story about this — 7 years ago


Yeah, so no offense but this show totally sucks. It’s not funny in the slightest and it is way too staged. I think they could do a lot funnier contests as well. And on top of that the one guy is just a big fat pussy and the other ones a giant asshole. There I said it.

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