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Surprisingly Entertaining — 2 years ago


I was surprised at how much I liked this one. The characters were great and the plot was engaging. The humor along the way helped, too.

My full review at Epinions.

A story about this — 2 years ago

It wasn’t awful, but certainly can’t live up to the recent, more ‘real world’ Marvel offerings. There was no way these characters and this story could have been done like that, so it’s best to embrace the cartoonish qualities and have a bit of fun. Alas, the film could have been more fun, but instead it’s a typical origins story: bit dull, but looks promising for a sequel or two – maybe!

Ryan Reynolds is as watchable as ever, particularly when being scanned in his undies. Seriously. The girlie is annoying, although she does get absolutely the best line in the movie, about the disguising features of an itty bitty mask ;)

A story about this — 2 years ago

Ryan Reynolds is nice to look at but this movie didn’t really have anything else going for it.

Why do his eyes turn freaky light blue when he’s in his lantern costume? Nobody ever explained that.

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