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The Finkler Question
by Howard Jacobson
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Why I recommend this — 1 year ago


This book has such in-depth exploration of the nature of “the Jew” – from the point of view of an outsider – it has been a very long time since I read a book that really made me explore questions from so many angles. Questions worth thinking about, exploring, and delving deeply into. Fully covering a theme and plumbing such depths is rare – if you have ever wondered about – hey’s what’s it like to be a Finkler? Am I a Finkler? Could I ever be? What does that really mean? What is the kernal of reality where the Finklerness is – where is it? Is it necessary? Can it be acquired? Would it bring fulfillment? In any case, the book requires full attention, and it is well worth giving it yours, if this is subject matter that interests you. Well done, well read. I wouldn’t call this a fun read, but I feel better for having read it, and it is definitely on my “recommended” list!

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