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As an atheist and former Christian, I’ve mixed feelings about this. Most of it was surprisingly gentle, and I did laugh several times. But the way he closed (things to the effect of ‘religion is bad, religion is evil, fully evolved humans don’t want/need it’, etc.) was strikingly cold. Those statements aren’t entirely off the mark—if you look solely at the damage religion has inflicted, obviously it’s awful.

My complaint lies in his failure to acknowledge the good that it can bring out in people: the generosity, the warmth, the reminder to look past ourselves. Of course these things are all fully possible outside of religion, but one approach will never suit everyone. To make all gods obsolete would be to remove this internal motivation for many, not to mention a critical social structure.

Overall it reminded me too much of conversations with some of my more antagonistic friends. He raises fair questions, but the tone ensures that no one but the converted will listen to them. And how can you claim to be attempting to better your society when you’re incapable of showing respect for the majority of its members?

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