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Crusade: The Complete Series
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A story about this — 3 years ago


Only for Babylon 5 fans – but be prepared to be disappointed if you are expecting B5 quality.

Appearances And Other Deceits has been the only decent episode so far

A review of this — 3 years ago


Worth watching for the intriguing Apocalypse Box, the return of Mr. Welles and “My Little pak’ma’ra”, but the story’s unfinished, and the music, though interesting, is easily dated electronica, not at all like Franke’s universal recurring classical themes. As is the case with anything people try to make futuristic, it has the opposite effect in a few years. Babylon 5 appears less dated than Crusade as a result.

It is probably only of interest to Babylon 5 fans. It won’t make much sense on its own, but it’s better than Legend of the Rangers.

Um, also, once you see “My Little pak’ma’ra”, you can’t unsee it. You have been warned.

A review of this — 8 years ago


Too many one-off episodes to really get interesting (much like season 1 of B5). It seemed to be getting interesting near the end, but by then it was too late. Watch episode #12 if you have a chance – by far the best in the series.

A story about this — 8 years ago


The show was just showing promise when it stopped. I wish it had continued for the full run.

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