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Alexander (Two-Disc Special Edition)
by Oliver Stone
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a whole new kind of bad — 7 years ago


five minutes in i found myself going into the kitchen to do some dishes. after they were done, and i came back to the still-playing movie, i discovered that the movie still sucked. i didn’t actually finish it (i think i still have another half hour or so. and i will finish it. damnit!) but managed to get through it by catching up on old email, having a cocktail, and inspecting for dust bunnies under the couch.

for a while i muted it and put on some music. i foolishly thought that listening to some nice music while looking at pretty people would work.

but, no. it still sucked.

however, i have come away a better person – having learned that even pretty people can’t save a deeply flawed script and some of the worst cinematography this side of the millennium.

I'll never get those three hours back — 8 years ago


This movie was dreadful. I thought that the costumes and scenery were good, but not enough to carry such a dreadful movie. I felt nothing for any of the characters. It was empty, flat, and boring.

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