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Twentynine Palms
by Bruno Dumont
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A story about this — 6 years ago


Um, sure, if you read some highly intellectual articles about this film either before or after viewing, you can get some insight into the technique and “message” - though the symbolism and “message” are crassly apparent enough that you don’t really need to- but even then what would the point be? Do we really need another american-culture-is-rooted-in-violence film? Do we need another dissolution of human body into landscape film? Another freudian sex/power/gender/violence portrait? Another make sure the audience is dis-entertained, uncomfortable, shocked, and unrewarded film? There are no new ideas here, and no new cinematic techniques.

A story about this — 7 years ago


It is rare for me to dislike a movie as I can usually find one tidbit that holds my interest, but this movie just plain fails to do that on any level. The characters were dull, the film making was average and the story changed direction so many times that it seemed to be searching for a theme. The movie was bold in its violence and sexual portrayals, but frankly there are many other films that have done this and done it better.

How this changed my life — 8 years ago


This movie changed my life because it gave me a different outlook on the quality of films, not an “artsy” film, could also be a piece of garbage.

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