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Indigo: A Film Of Faith, Family & An Extraordinary Child
by Neale Donald Walsch
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Mixed Feelings — 7 years ago

I didn’t really like this movie much, which is a shame, because it could have been much better. I don’t have any issues with the content – I do believe that there is far more around us than we can see. However, I felt this movie did a poor job of presenting it – it was a bit “airy-fairy” even for me (mostly, perhaps, because of the poor acting and dialogue). It seems that people who are already familiar with this sort of thing won’t really learn anything, and people who aren’t . . . well, this might not be the best introduction to the subject. If you’re interested in something which deals with consciousness and perception, I’d recommend “Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” instead of this film. Yeah, they’re not doing exactly the same thing, but WPW is a far superior film.

A story about this — 7 years ago


I enjoyed this movie… I found it insightful and shed some light on a population of people who have 4th dimensional ‘gifts’. Though not everyone believes in the supernatural, I do. I believe that being open expands the experiences we have in life, the possibilities that truly exist, and freedom from the limited perspectives of those who are too afraid to venture out of their comfort zone~

A review of this — 8 years ago


says a ‘Indigo, a faith and family’ movie, however is probably the worst movie I have ever seen — mainly due to the deceptive misrepresentation of what the contents are… read on..

Watch out for ‘SpiritSong Media’ as this may sound like a Family Movie (read Christian Family Values), but is really a white-magic, witch, Harry Potter, genre of movie. read: something I would never want my family to see, especially my kids.

Also, this movie does not have a rating, and due to language should probably be at least PG-13. The video store had a sticker on it saying ‘Family’, but of course after viewing is not appropriate for young children. Word to the Wise: Always preview movies before your kids watch them, if you care about what they injest.

Okay, so about the story:

Tells a story about a typical disfunctional American family, very interesting characters. It goes downhill when the young girl of about 10 yrs old, starts telling about her experiences on ‘the grid’, psychic powers, seeing things in the future, healing/fixing powers, and her immense wisdom. Also, at one point she flat out tells about how she sees ‘angels’ and they tell her things. [I had a relative that had talked to angels and they turned out the be ‘angels of play’ and not really from God or any good source. The Bible talks of such beings as being ‘fallen angels’, deceptive cohorts of Lucifer or Satan. I would never entangle myself or encourage young children to mess with angelic beings that do not direct individuals to worship the real God. The angels in this movie obviously encourage worship of mankind and humanism and therefore this movie gets bigtime thumbs down for failing in the truth department.

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