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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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okokok, so first off, i had no expectations for this movie. it had already been talked down so much i was expecting utter crap. and parts of it were, but there was some pretty good parts. all the battle sequences were good, and i did laugh at a couple things the robots did.

but overall, it felt like a big long cut scene in a video game. i didnt like the art style at all, but the worst was the dialogue. all of the banter between anakin and the padoin is absolutely horrible. in fact the padoin character herself is extremely irritating and irrelevant. everything she says is just groan-inducing. the baby hutt is just…ugh, stupid, the new adult hutt, zero i think, was totally off-putting, especially since they keep referring to it as a he when it is obviously voiced by a woman. i kept wondering when they would explain the hutt reproductive process.

and at the end of the movie, what is accomplished? very very little. this is by all definitions a side quest, completely unnecessary but its there if you want to get the full experience.

i just keep wondering what the rationale here is for a full theatrical release. why wasnt this just worked into the storyline for the tv show, or have a tv movie, it wouldve been fine. to see this in the theaters was just embarrassing.

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