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The Door in the Floor
by Tod Williams
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A story about this — 4 years ago

Mixed feelings about this movie. Personally, I’m probably never going to rave about a vaguely depressing storyline, even when it’s well told – which this is. Just a bit bleak, though. One of those ‘slice of life’ things, where lonely people do strange things that don’t always make sense. I found it hard to have any connection to the characters, until the story of the accident comes out right at the end. At that point everything’s a little more forgivable.

A story about this — 8 years ago


An interesting, somewhat gloomy adaptation of the first act of John Irving’s A WIdow For One Year. On the special features there is also an interview with John Irving that I watched because I love him and want to have 1,000 of his babies. I would recommend this film although I freely admit a lot of the reason I like it is that Jeff Bridges reminds me of THe Big Lebowski, which in turn makes me happy and makes me think I like things which I may not in fact like.

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