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Burn Notice: Season 1
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Why I recommend this — 5 years ago


Burn Notice is one of those shows that you wouldn’t even know existed until you were sick one night and out of bordom you accidentally flipped over to the USA Network and found it on as a rerun. Sadly a lot of USA series are like that. Because of their small viewer size they can’t compete with the big networks in the fall and winter so they rely on people to watch new episodes of their shows during the summer months. For about two years now I have learned not to write off a series just because it runs on USA. In fact some of my favorite “catch a show here and there” series are on it (e.g. Monk and Psych). Burn Notice however is a show that I would recommend everyone give a chance.

The story is like MacGyver meets 007 meets train wreck family and friends. I’ll admit, if you read the show’s premise you will likely say, “wow, that sounds pretty mundane.” However, if you would simply watch the 2 hour pilot I believe you will quickly change your mind. One thing that is great about this show is that every episode of Burn Notice tells a discrete story in and of itself. Granted there is an overall linear story that gets tied nicely in with each episode, but at the end of every episode you get some satisfaction that you saw an entire story even though in the back of your head you still want to know what happens next.

The humor, action and intriguing story is enough for me to look forward to release of Season 2 on DVD and I highly recommend everyone give this show a chance. If nothing else it has Bruce Campbell in it so if you are old enough to remember him you gotta give it a view.

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