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The Witches
by Roald Dahl
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A review of this — 7 years ago


I have to admit I actually have no idea this book exist. I actually thought the movie was an original and not a book adaptation. Nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise to actually read this book and it wasn’t a let down either since it’s the first time ever for me to read one of Roald Dahl’s work.

The main character is an orphaned 7 years old boy who lives with his grandmother who happens to know more than she should, of the secret world of witches. Not any other witches, children hating witches who wish to get rid of them from the face of the earth! He found himself trapped in a roomful of them while he was on a vacation with his grandmother. He watched as all of the describing given by his grandmother about witches comes true right infront of his eyes, while he is safely tucked behind the sceen out from their sight – but wait! They could sniff out children with their big noses!!! Cornered, they turned him into a mouse!! A talking mouse infact. Armed with that, a grandmother that’s an expert with the knowledge of witches and himself being as clever as a mouse, they have quite an adventure trying to foil the witches evil scheme.

Quite an interesting story the characters pull you in with the pace of the plots. Something to add in your children’s bookshelf, and I say you wouldn’t be disappointed.

A story about this — 7 years ago


Read it! Watch the movie!

A story about this — 9 years ago

When the world presents you with witches, what will you do?

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