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The Analects (Penguin Classics)
by Confucius
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From my blog: — 6 years ago


Finally- Eastern Philosophy. I had gotten sooooo tired of Western Philosophy, I thought I was in a gladiator movie. Okay, bad joke.

But why choose Confucius? I’m going to show my age here, but I choose him mostly due to the means of why I am most familiar with him. Remember Funky Winkerbean? Sure, it’s still runs today, but remember when Funky was funny and actually starred Funky? Well I do, and in fact, I remember how Funky would read the works of Confucius. They were very insightful and wise- only they were twisted at the end with a joke. So, I thought, okay- it’s safer to try than something I had no idea about.

Well, it freaked my wife out. While in this joyious holiday season, I got depressed. So my wife was afraid I was searching for a new religion. Safely to say, she had nothing to worry about.

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