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House, M.D.: Season Three
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House is still as good as ever. (Once you get past the Tritter arc, that is.) Although the cases do seem to go from weird to completely out of this world, the writers/directors/actors still manage to make you suspend your disbelief and enjoy the show like your own life depends on it. The character development is very interesting (I especially loved the Chase/Cameron arc!) and Cuddy seems to be less and less dressed with each episode that goes by. Plus, for the first time ever, I actually knew a guest star! (Dave Matthews in Half-Wit, of course.)

The bonus features on the DVD are really great, the bloopers are awesomely funny and the rest of the documentaries are really worth a listen or two. I am only a bit disappointed in the design of the discs themselves – season two’s were much prettier!

This season ended with quite a bang, and I do hope that season 4 is going to set things right. As of now (I must now wait every Tuesday to get my dose of House… it’s hard!) I am not entirely convinced. I will however certainly keep on watching to see where the House team brings us!

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