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Death of a President (Widescreen Edition)
by Gabriel Range
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A story about this — 5 years ago


exceedingly small in scope, not terribly imaginative, im not really sure what i supposed to take away from this film. the special effects were smart in some places, and terribly obvious in others, but overall clever.

i guess..i liked the idea a lot, but there were so many ways the story could go, i have no idea why it went the way it did. there was very little description of how the public reacted, other public officials, cheney himself seemed awfully tight-lipped. in the end the story was about the people involved in the assassination, and none of them were very interesting.

that being said, i guess id recommend it to others i know, if just because its quick and interesting.

Why I recommend this — 6 years ago


It’s not just some fantasy.

In fact… it’s actually the best argument AGAINST killing Bushie Jr. I’ve heard in a while.
PRESIDENTCHENEY… need I say more?

It delves into the kind of backlash we’d experience if this happened — further dismissal of any of our civil rights.

It explores many of our stereotypes and the current climate around politics, race, what do people consider “racism” and many issues of the day. How certain rights are trampled on to make people feel safe/secure.

Definitely worth a watch!

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