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His Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass)
by Philip Pullman
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A story about this — 2 years ago


I didn’t like the extremely negative and unrational view on the christian church & religion.

I read an interview in which he claimed that he didn’t promote atheism, but letting the book speak for itself, he clearly did. I wouldn’t have mind so much, if the arguments he gave (through the characters) weren’t so pathetic. It worried me thinking children (or adults even) who read this book would just take his argumentation to be true and valid without questioning any further.

I do realise it’s a fantasy book, and I just hope people would take his ideas as exactly that. (again, I just fear people won’t, as this is a message he gives, and messages are not supposed to lie, not even in fantasy books)

things I liked:

- his story telling. having long been in a state of mind where I couldn’t read a single book due to my lack of concentration, that means a lot. after reading the first page, I didn’t find my mind wander about, instead I quickly turned the page to read on, and then the next page..

- the fantasy world. I liked the idea of daemons and the parallel universes.

- the gyptians! awesome people :D

- lyra and will growing up was cute to “watch”.

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