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Ida B: . . . and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World
by Katherine Hannigan
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A story about this — 6 years ago


This story started me, a middle aged woman, on my newfound quest to read all children and young adult books, including those I may have missed during my childhood. Do not fear the older woman in the YA section of your public library. She will do you no harm. She only wishes to read stories of amazing young people like Ida B., whom she believes, with her wit, self-awareness, and sensitivity, should grow up to be president one day.

A look at childhood! — 7 years ago


This was a delightful story about how a young girl deals with changes in her life. It’s an honest look at anger when life spins out of control. Ida B is just the kind of girl I would like to have been growing up. It’s such a delightful book!

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