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The English Patient
by Michael Ondaatje
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Powerful and Complex — 3 years ago


A powerful and complex novel that somewhat disappointed me with the ending. I wanted to know more, what happened to all the characters, but instead followed only one to the end. The prose was beautiful, however, sometimes harsh with the “F-word” being used by both the men and woman and feeling very out of place. Yes, it was a harsh world and harsh times, so maybe the harsh word really did fit.

A review of this — 5 years ago


This book can’t decide when the story starts and ends. It doesn’t transition well from actual plot to the musings of the characters. The author also seems to be in love with his own voice. Worth consuming, but get it used.


A review of this — 7 years ago


Lyrical and moving.

glorious! — 7 years ago


I could read this book over and over. The character Kip is one of the most believable and complex characters I’ve ever read. His reason for leaving the Villa gets to me every time. He risks his life but it all was wasted because of the one bomb he couldn’t disarm. I think of that line from the movie where Caravaggio says “thousands of people could have died,” and then Almasy says “thousands of people did die, just different people.” THAT is Kip’s “tragedy.” Almasy’s storyline is just as heartbreaking—he looses everything because he gives the wrong name! This book has a lot of bitter ironies like that. Also, the writing is so beautiful, you don’t feel like you’re reading what could have been a boring historical novel.

The only complaint I have is that it’s too short. Read it!!

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