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The Color Purple
by Alice Walker
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A story about this — 6 years ago


So good! I started about midnight and finished around two a.m. because I couldn’t put it down. Now I want to see the play…

A story about this — 7 years ago


Best book ever! You should read the book instead of the movie because it has good bits about colonialism and lesbianism in there. Also Celie could read, and she did go to school til she got pulled out, so I could see her writing.


The Color Purple — 8 years ago


i can’t stand this book… the whole premise of it doesn’t work… the book is supposed to be written from the viewpoint of a girl that wouldn’t write in the first place… and if she would, she would not use that language… it just didn’t work for me at all…

A story about this — 10 years ago

Finished. Quick read, relatively satisfying.

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