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To Say Nothing of the Dog
by Connie Willis
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Funny but not quite up to snuff — 5 years ago

It took me forever to actually get into this book, but I’m glad I did. The slapstick humor and wit and ridiculous characters made for an excellent laugh.

However, the book sort of descended into chaos at the end. I wasn’t sure what was happening with the back and forth and slippage and then a bunch of other things. Although I did enjoy the chemistry between Ned and Verity, I hardly got how it descended into a sudden marriage proposal. The messiness of the end plot (which required a lot of re-reading just to get it, was a bit much for me. As far as time-travel, I feel like Doomsday Book was much much better reasoned and plotted. This got lost in trying to tie up every loose end time-travel presents and while that effort was laudable, it still came across as half-baked.

A story about this — 9 years ago

Great book, humourous and very much in the style of Jerome K Jerome. Although I never read his Three Men On A Boat I did read Three Men On A Brummel.

A story about this — 10 years ago


Another hilarious page-turner.

A story about this — 10 years ago

Breezy, funny, time-travel mystery & Victorian pastiche. One-hundred-eighty degrees apart in tone from Willis’s earlier Doomsday Book, even though they start from the same setting (the time-traveling history section of Oxford).

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