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Why I recommend this — 5 years ago


Never have I forgotten myself so thoroughly than I did while reading Siddhartha – especially in the final chapter, for a brief moment I forgot everything about myself, and when I happened to look into the mirror shortly after finishing the book, at first I didn’t recognise my face. This has never happened before, it was as if I was faced with a complete stranger. The feeling was… indescribable, yet wonderful. The ending was so powerful that it left me with a feeling of an inner glow, some sort of peace and serenity, the certainty that everything will be alright in the end.

At times I could find myself in that Siddhartha who was still searching for enlightenment – all the descriptions of people going on about their ordinary lives, without worries of their existence; the inability to fully understand their world; the newfound love for the world and finally seeing all of its colours, I could relate to all of those and sometimes it was so painful.

Especially painful was the chapter named as “Samsara”, in which Siddhartha immerses himself in carnal pleasures and becomes nearly obsessed with material possessions. The change in him is so thorough, so huge that I almost felt physical pain and such sadness that I wanted to skip the chapter altogether and pretend none of it ever happened.

I MUST get a copy of this book for myself, why don’t I have it already, and why did it take me this long to read Siddhartha? I’m not a religious person, but this book truly affected me.

How this changed my life — 8 years ago


I read this novel as an English project along the guidelines that you had to read it in complete silence and keep a journal of your spiritual findings. I loved the artistic license that Hesse took with Buddhism. I have become a much more spiritually mature person for having read it. This book is really meant for the soul searchers and seekers! One of the best I’ve read so far.

A review of this — 8 years ago


Its absolutely brilliant. Hermann’s depth of spiritual knowledge of the east way back in the first quarter of the bygone century is astounding. Worth a read. He’s ventured deeply into human emotional territories and a man’s spiritual crisis within himself.

A journey of life — 8 years ago

Every one knows Buddha’s story and here Hesse narrates the life of a prince in that lifetime, who does everything and is confused!

A story about this — 9 years ago

Another book recommended by my boyfriend that really drew me into the world of Siddhartha, and introduced me to his pain, happiness, and wisdom.

A story about this — 10 years ago


Classic tale of a spiritual search.

A story about this — 11 years ago

I read Siddhartha for the first time when I was in for an extended stay at a hospital… it really helped me to be able to wrap myself up in Siddhartha’s adventures instead of wallowing in my own misery.

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