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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
by Agatha Christie

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A review of this — 5 years ago

This is my second foray into Agatha Christie. While I liked this book very much, I prefer the narrative flow of “Murder on the Orient Express” much better. By the discovery of the wedding ring, the book gets a little too wordy and I felt like I was reading Keats , or worse, Shakepeare. I chalk this up to this being an early, early work of the author’s. (This had originally been a fear of mine as to why I hadn’t read Christie’s stuff yet- thankfully, it gets better within a couple of chapters)
But, I understand why this book had to be written from the first person and I appreciate this books twists and turns. And while this book has a wild ending as well as MOTOE, this ending was much more plausible.
I also would like to tout myself as having guessed who the murderer was by chapter 10. I was clueless about the subplots. But, I got the murderer of Roger Ackroyd just right!
Worth Consuming.

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