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Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 10)
by Laurell K. Hamilton
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A story about this — 2 years ago

If you took out the ‘erotic’ content, this would be a very slim novel o_O That might not sound like much of a complaint, but I enjoy the escapist, easy-to-read vampire nonsense, with the eponymous Ms Blake kicking aspidistra and wondering if she’s turning into a proper psychopath yet!

I may still have given this a ‘worth consuming’ – I did enjoy blazing through it all – but the ending was pants: the big ‘issue’ of the whole novel gets shoved aside to a one-line “oh, and we’ll tie it up just by saying” in the epilogue. Pffft.

A story about this — 7 years ago


This, I consider, the turning point of the series. If you are reading AB:VH for the plot, stop reading at Obsidian Butterfly. From here on in, the sex takes over.

A story about this — 9 years ago



8/10 Stars

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