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Little Women (Signet Classics)
by Louisa May Alcott
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Okay — 5 years ago

This book was only okay. I don’t understand why everyone finds it so amazing – to be perfectly honest. I didn’t think the book had much of a climax, and nothing about it kept me too interested.

A story about this — 6 years ago


I love this book, I love the use of the language as it was written, the characters…everything about this book!!!

Its a great book for girls 11 years old and up!


the best book ever — 7 years ago


this is the best book ever.

read it now

How this changed my life — 7 years ago


This is my most favorite book (because I am a loser like that).

It just reminds me to remember to have some humility most of the time.

A story about this — 9 years ago

I love books meant for kids, women, … Little Women is a compelling read for the girl in me. :-)

A story about this — 9 years ago


I always wanted a sister when I was little. Instead, I had this book.

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