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Watership Down: A Novel
by Richard Adams
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A story about this — 4 years ago

I’ve been reading this since Aug’08. I’ve busied myself with other things and made excuses for not finishing it. I know which pile it’s under in my bedroom, so I’ll either finish reading it or hand it back to my friend.

Why I recommend this — 5 years ago


This was my favorite movie as a child, but I had forgotten the name of the movie over the years. This year I discovered that my favorite childhood movie was indeed called “Watership Down.” I made it a quest to read the book and as I read it the childhood images flooded back into my memory.

Within the first few pages the adventure already begins. The action does not stop throughout the whole book. I have not felt such urgency to complete a book since I read “Tender is the Night” by F. Scott Fitzgerald nearly two years ago. Needless to say I have spent every free moment of the last two days reading it. I do not regret it. This is now easily one of my favorite books.

crazy good — 6 years ago


I had first read this in 6th grade when it was recommended to me by my english teacher.Being a horror buff i really didn’t want to read about rabbits but i read it anyway.Then i read it again. It’s that good. Still one of my top picks after all these years.Go out, buy this and read it.You will thank me.

A story about the last time I consumed this — 6 years ago


Now matter how many times I read this one, I enjoy it as if it’s my first time reading it. and the end always makes me cry.

Why I recommend this — 7 years ago


I doubt you will ever find a book that more endears and enthralls you with the trials of a warren of rabbits. It’s very humanizing and yet stil distinctly feels ‘rabbitty’.

A story about this — 7 years ago

I cannot bring myself to finish this book. I mean, it’s considerably well-written, but just so hard to drag through.

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