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Mind-bending thriller — 5 years ago


This is an absolutely stunning book. The pacing starts out slow — in fact, it continues to feel slow throughout — but I found myself entirely wrapped up in it regardless. The thesis of the book involves cloning — but rather than just genetic cloning, it explores how you might try to control the environmental and chemical factors that also have a strong influence on the person who ultimately comes out. Cherryh has a masterful hand when it comes to putting you right inside a character’s mind, even in the third person, and even with a character constantly changing (in age and other ways) throughout the book. My only complaint is the long list of questions left unanswered at the end, when the curtain falls so suddenly that you’re left blinking in surprise. But definitely, definitely worth the time it takes to read.


A review of this — 6 years ago


Marvellous worldbuilding and very exciting

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