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A story about this — 5 years ago

I like movies such as ‘Lock, Stock…’ and ‘Snatch’ that mix crime with comedy, so, being Aussie, I liked the idea of our own take set in the Cross.

However I found most of the accents distracting. I’m from a similar working-class background to most of the characters, so I usually find it exciting to hear my people’s accents and humour on screen. But it felt really forced. I got the impression that the writers come from the opposite end of Australian society. Normally I wouldn’t judge them if they did a good job, but the delivery of many of the lines felt, at best, charming, and, at worst, patronising. Bryan Brown, Tom Long and Heath Ledger were the only ones I believed. So perhaps the calibre of supporting cast was also to blame.

I don’t like to nitpick over that thing, but it was really overpowering for me. Also, it hasn’t aged too well in the past ten years. If you’re looking for a good black comedy gangster film, give it a miss. Heath Ledger is good, but definitely not at his career high, so maybe worth a look if you’re a big Ledger fan. (If you want to see his Aussie accent in a world class Aussie film, try ‘Candy’ instead.) The main people who would enjoy this are foreigners who want to get a taste of Aussie humour and lingo. We (those of us from the lower-middle classes, anyway) DO talk like this more or less. So if you can look past the awkwardness, you’ll get a pretty good picture of suburban Australian society.

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