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Ice cream

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A story about this — 5 years ago


one of the best things ever created

A story about the last time I consumed this — 8 years ago


We picked one of the first really sunny days of spring to take a long walk to Gelateria Danieli in Richmond upon Thames, rated as Time Out’s third-best food & drink experience in London last year. There was a relatively small selection of flavours (although I’m guessing they change them fairly frequently) but all the ones we tried were exquisite; they made the run-of-the-mill gelato we’d had earlier in the day seem like toothpaste.

Why it's taking me forever to finish consuming this — 8 years ago


Had some in Regents Park after the 5K, at an Italian restaurant in Edgware and at Brent Cross shopping centre. All fair enough, but pretty run-of-the-mill ice cream experiences. I want the full gelateria experience, but it’s still a bit cold out …

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