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Paranormal Activity [Theatrical Release]

A genuinely good horror movie, which is a rare find... — 4 years ago


When I went to see it already a group of friends had gone to see it, saying it was so scary they couldn’t sleep and had to have a sleepover that night. I found it silly; I’ve haven’t been afraid of horror movies since I was a child. I’ll admit, this is still the case. This is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen, and it frightened me a bit while I was seeing it, but I will surely sleep soundly tonight. Of course, that’s just me.

It is compared to the Blair Witch Project in style [which I like; I think it makes it feel more real and pulls to viewer in] but I’d say the storyline and the documentation reminds me of House of Leaves in a way. I was appreciative that it had no reliance on gore to be scary and some of the creepiest moments were not just the “jumping scares.” Watching Katie stand in one spot for three hours disturbed me more.

And personally, I thought the attitudes and acting was rather good. In most horror movies, only the scared moments are show, and that’s all you ever see of the characters. In reality, even at your most frightened or most depressed, you manage to laugh at the little things, if not just for being so scared. Also, the effects were pretty good. It really fit well with the home video feel.

I have to say though, I was criticizing their stupidity. Sure, I can see the whole macho-idiot routine; a lot of straight guys I know do that when they are obviously scared or wrong about something, no matter the circumstances. But the fact that they would not try to find other demonologists seemed silly. Oh well.

As for the end, I liked it except her lunging at the camera… too cliche. I would much rather have seen her just smiling than lunging. It’s overdone and comes off as humorous for me at this point.

Overall, a great horror movie though, which is saying something for a genre that is so full of crap.


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